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Like much of what we do at Chambers Student, our Commercial Awareness Memo is designed to give law students a better understanding of the legal market. Through comprehensive analysis and commentary on current events, we help students make sense of what's going on behind the headlines, by taking a closer look the role lawyers (and the law) play in these kinds of stories. 

How to get the most out of the Memo:

Below, the Chambers Student team pick out the cases that have sparked our interest, from the UK government's controversial Rwanda plan, to doping in sport and Wagatha Christie, and take a look through a commercial and legal lens - a crucial skill for those navigating the path from law student to lawyer.

In this easy to digest format, we present all the information law students should be aware of, from how these stories connect to the legal space, to the effect they have on it. By offering commercial awareness in real time, our articles will ultimately help you understand how the legal market works, and where you might fit in.


New this week:

27th November - Kelly Fisher, Dodi Fayed and a breach of contract law in the wake of The Crown

27th November - The Trump Trial: the story so far

27th November - Climate protesters cleared of causing damage to HSBC London HQ


November's top stories:

20th - Government’s Rwanda plans unlawful, says Supreme Court

20th - McDonald’s and Amazon linked to trafficking of workers in Saudi Arabia

20th - Isle of Man: The Assisted Dying Bill 2023

20th - Greenpeace to potentially Shell out millions in damages following climate protests

6th - Worker Protection Act 2023 – Workers to get more protection from sexual harassment

6th - Afghans awaiting UK visas in Pakistan threatened with expulsion

October's top stories:

30th - Fake news and misinformation surrounding the situation in Gaza

30th - SAG-AFTRA announce restrictions on Halloween costumes for members

23rd - Free speech and universities: Greater protections on the way for students and lecturers

23rd - Invasive species: First traps set for Chinese mitten crabs in the UK

23rd - Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition authorised by the CMA

16th - Asylum seekers and the lawyers who defend them

16th - New release ‘May December’ harks back to a bygone era in child protection law

16th - Gambling reform in the UK: where do things stand?

September's top stories:

18th - The Dangerous Dogs Act: A bark more effective than its bite?

18th - Scottish government calls for decriminalisation of drugs

18th - Plans to make it compulsory for offenders to attend their sentencing hearings

18th - Glyn Razzell: When are murderers refused parole?

4th - Burger King to face legal action over the size of its Whopper

August's top stories:

28th - Trans participation in sport: British Cycling the latest to ban transgender women from female events

28th - House of the Dragon: Why the Hollywood Strikes haven’t shut down production on the HBO hit

28th - Legal Aid Funding: What is the Future of Prison Law?

28th - Children’s safety concern over family courts failings

14th - Longer read: SAG-AFTRA and WGA Strike

14th - Deductions to miscarriage of justice compensation to be scrapped

14th - Drivers make common law claim to avoid speeding penalties

7th - Business & Trade Committee takes aim at McDonalds

7th - Elon Musk’s X Corp sues British anti-hate non-profit

July's top stories:

31st - Lion on the loose in Berlin

31st - Twitter rebranding

31st - Protecting children from abuse in the AI era

17th - Why didn’t the mainstream media name Huw Edwards as the presenter at the centre of the BBC scandal?

17th - Aretha Franklin will dispute rumbles on 

17th - Government weighs in on debate as it rejects tighter gun controls following Plymouth mass shooting

10th - Rwanda to receive Britain’s asylum seekers despite appeal courts ruling it unlawful

3rd - Controversial jail sentence for UK Woman who took abortion pills too late

June's top stories:

19th - The strange world of football’s managerial dismissals

19th - Just Stop Oil protests continue

19th - Crew members injured in explosion on Gladiator 2 film set

5th - Allen & Overy set to join forces with Shearman & Sterling

5th - Immigration and human rights: the Home Office’s latest controversial deportation


From the Archive:

18th April - Longer read: The Bar Council of India widens foreign access to India’s legal market

18th April - The Barclays Premier League and tax

27th March - Longer read: Gary Lineker vs the BBC: What can go into an employment contract?

27th March - The middle finger and the law

6th March - What legal hurdles face publishers looking to edit old books?

13th February - Student group claim against UK universities

16th January - Lifting the lid on doping and performance-enhancing drug use in sport

20th December - An inside look at what FTX’s collapse means for crypto law

21st October - Keep it on the QC?