Barristers' chambers

A comparison of pupillages and size at the leading barristers' sets.



Number of KCs/juniors

Pupils per year

Applications received

Pupillage award

1 Hare Court

If you’re wedded to the idea of handling matrimonial finance matters, then there’s nowhere better than 1 Hare Court. 

Inner Temple, London 14/29 2 118 £35,000


A “rigorous” and “highly structured” pupillage awaits at 11KBW, whose employment and public law practices reign supreme.

Inner Temple, London 21/69 4 250 £75,000 (can advance £20,000 for BPC)


Market-leading personal injury and clinical negligence work awaits incoming pupils at 12 KBW, but it’s also a set where members are encouraged to build out practices in new areas of interest. 

Inner Temple, London 14/80 3 c. 200 £55,000 (can advance £10,000 for BPC)

2 Bedford Row

The advocacy training at 2 Bedford Row is so good, it’s criminal. 

Bedford Row, London 18/60 0 300 £30,000

2 Temple Gardens

This commercial set is a dab hand in insurance, offering pupils plenty of opportunities to appear in court. 

Middle Temple, London 14/46 1 286 £82,500

3 Verulam Buildings

Let's spill the tea on 3VB: this is a high-flying commercial set where you can get on your feet early with significant international work and a peachy culture.

Gray's Inn, London 33/64 Up to 4 Over 200 £75,000 (can advance up to £20,000 for BPC)

4 New Square Chambers

It’s hip to be square: 4NS offers a varied commercial pupillage in a "very professional" yet "very friendly" environment.

Lincoln's Inn, London 33/54 2 162 £75,000 (can advance £15,000 for postgraduate Bar course)

4 Pump Court

Pumped at the thought of commercial and construction law? Then pay court to 4 Pump Court.

Middle Temple, London 26/49 2 134 £70,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

4 Stone Buildings

4SB may be a relatively small set, but its premier commercial chancery expertise means it towers above other chambers in London. 

Lincoln's Inn, London 9/31 2 160 £75,000

7 King’s Bench Walk

Insurance, general commercial and shipping law steer this ship, but that’s knot all it has to offer... With a “warm and supportive” culture and a right royal social life, pupillage at 7KBW is fit for a king.

Temple, London 25/45 4   £70,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

39 Essex Chambers

If you chance upon Chancery Lane, you’ll find 39 Essex Chambers – a set that offers its pupils a whistlestop tour of civil liability, environment, commercial, and public law. 

London, Manchester, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur  51/105 2 500 £70,000 (including £5,000 guaranteed earnings and £15,000 BPC advance)

Atkin Chambers

Looking to work on matters tied to major projects in industries like construction, energy and technology? Leading set Atkin Chambers is the one for you.

Gray's Inn, London 21/33 2 Undisclosed £72,500

Blackstone Chambers

This heavyweight set doing “cutting edge” work on “important and influential cases” shows no sign of slowing down.

Middle Temple, London 59/62 4 533 £75,000 (can advance £22,500 for BPC)

Brick Court Chambers

Brick by brick, this elite commercial set builds its expertise on a solid foundation of commercial, public and competition law.

Essex Street, London 48/57 5 155 £75,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

Cloisters Chambers

Interested in law that can effect positive, real-world change? Then check out Cloisters, which stands out for its employment, personal injury and clinical negligence work and is full of “exceptionally bright and kind people.”

Middle Temple, London 15/38 2 337 £60,000 (can advance £15,000 for BPC)

Crown Office Chambers

Personal injury work is the jewel in this set's esteemed crown, but its insurance, civil and commercial expertise also command great respect in court. 

Inner Temple, London 24/74 up to 3 Undisclosed £75,000 + earnings retained from second six (can advance £20,000 for the BPC)


If you fancy a medley of tax, employment and personal injury, you better get your ducks in a Devereux to impress this discerning set. 

Inner Temple, London 12/44 2 Undisclosed £65,000

Erskine Chambers

This modest-sized chambers sets itself apart with company law prowess and a “culture of togetherness.” 

Chancery Lane, London 10/17 2 103 £75,000 (£45,000 first six, £30,000 second six; can advance up to £20,000 for BPC)

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers’ unique rotation system gives pupils a grand tour of the set’s esteemed practices in areas like civil fraud, international arbitration, and public international law. 

Lincoln's Inn, London 58/42 Up to 4 231 £75,000 (can advance £20,000 for BPC)

Falcon Chambers

Covering every corner of property law, pupils flock to Falcon to spread their wings.

Fleet Street, London 14/33 1 Undisclosed £75,000

Farrar's Building

Personal injury and clin neg take centre stage at this advocacy-loving common law set, alongside a supporting cast of employment, insurance and health & safety capabilities. 

Inner Temple, London 7/45 2 Undisclosed £27,500 + £27,500 guaranteed earnings (can advance up to £10,000 for BPC)

Fountain Court Chambers

Simply put, Fountain Court is a titan of the Commercial Bar, navigating "some of the highest-end, most cutting-edge cases" out there.

Middle Temple, London 43 60 151 £80,000

Francis Taylor Building

FTB's expertise in planning, environmental and licensing allows its pupils to gain "a really firm grasp on a specific area of law.”

Inner Temple, London 22/36 2 55 £75,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC) + £15,000 guaranteed earnings (for pupillage commencing in 2024)

Gatehouse Chambers

The recently rebranded Gatehouse Chambers pairs commercial expertise with "a progressive outlook that matches the century we live in."

Gray's Inn, London 11/94 2 Undisclosed £70,000 (offers BPC advance)

Hailsham Chambers

Hailsham is on hand to help in cases of clinical and professional negligence.

Inner Temple, London 11/46 Usually 2 (there were no vacancies in 2022) Undisclosed £60,000 + £5,000 guaranteed earnings

Henderson Chambers

How about “homely” Henderson? A set known for its product liability prowess with growing expertise in group litigation.  

Inner Temple, London 17/37 2 100+ £70,000 (can advance £20,000 for BPC)

Keating Chambers

With construction and commercial work at its core, budding barristers at Keating can really build a name for themselves. 

Essex Street, London 31/37 3 Undisclosed £75,000 (can advance £25,000 for the Bar training course)

Landmark Chambers

Aspiring barristers who want to make their mark in areas such as planning, property and public law should land at this set.

London (Fleet Street) 38/64 3 c.300 £75,000 (can advance £30,000 for BPC)

Littleton Chambers

If it’s a specialist employment, commercial and sport set you’re after, come a Littleton closer… 

Inner Temple, London 16/36 2 156 £67,500

Maitland Chambers

This top commercial Chancery set offers pupils "astonishing feedback" and a colourful social scene.

Lincoln's Inn, London 24/45 3 150 £65,000 in 2022/£70,000 in 2023 (can advance £20,000 for BPC)

Matrix Chambers

Human rights and public law cases are “the common thread” tying together a spread of practices at this sprightly set.

Gray's Inn, London 43/60 2 300 £50,000 (can advance £10,000 for BPTC)

Monckton Chambers

Monckton members sit atop the European, procurement, and competition pile, but pupils can get access to a broader commercial offering to boot.

Gray's Inn, London 21/44 1 c.150 £75,000 (can advance £20,000 for BPC)

No5 Barristers’ Chambers

Want a set that feels and operates more like a law firm? No5 has a network of offices, “modern policies” and a superb reputation in various practices at the Bar. 

Birmingham, Bristol, London 36/219 6 229 £55,000 (BPC advance available upon request)

One Essex Court

One Essex Court is a titan in commercial law with a distinctly progressive culture. 

Middle Temple, London 50/66 up to 5 Undisclosed £75,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

Outer Temple Chambers

There’s nothing Outer-the-ordinary going on at this high-flying set: it continues to demonstrate its capacious expertise across the spheres of health and business law. 

London (Strand) 26/64 3 c. 300 £70,000

Pump Court Tax Chambers

Stacks of tax: pupils here navigate this niche world alongside “the best in the business.” 

Bedford Row, London 12/21 2 73 £67,500 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant has kept its chambers in ship-shape condition, with rising revenues and an increasing focus on banking and energy matters driving it forward. 

Fleet Street, London 26/43 3 Undisclosed £75,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

Queen Elizabeth Building QEB

For a firm family focus and a close-knit culture, QEB is the place to be.

Middle Temple, London 7/31 2 178 £35,000

Radcliffe Chambers

Traditional and commercial chancery work combine at this esteemed set, which offers second-to-none experience in charities matters, as well as a deep dive into insolvency, professional negligence and real estate cases. 

Lincoln's Inn, London 13/52 2 191 £65,000

Selborne Chambers

Essex Street, London 8/37 2 63 £75,000 (can advance up to £25,000 for BPC)

Serle Court

Surly silks? Not a chance at this high-flying commercial chancery set.

Lincoln's Inn, London 27/45 up to 3 103 £75,000 (can advance up to £25,000 for BPC)

South Square

When the cold winds of insolvency loom, try migrating South – to South Square. 

Gray's Inn, London 17/29 2 185 £75,000 ( can advance £20,000 for BPC)

St John's Chambers

These stars in the South West lead the pack in matters of personal injury, clinical negligence, family, commercial, and Chancery law.

Bristol 6/85 3 138 £50,000

St Philips Chambers

With tip-top specialist pupillages in areas like commercial and family, why not let St Philips be the patron saint of your journey to the Bar in the Midlands? 

Birmingham, Leeds 17/131 5 163 £50,000

Tanfield Chambers

Real estate expertise and an added pupillage vacancy make Tanfield hot property.

High Holborn, London 7/45 3 Undisclosed £60,000, of which half is guaranteed earnings in the second six (can advance £15,000 for BPC)

Twenty Essex

If you’re looking for commercial work in a growing set with a presence in Asia, The Only Way is (Twenty) Essex. 

London, Singapore 31/53 4 65 £75,000 (can advance £25,000 for BPC)

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce offers its tenants a compelling mix of chancery and commercial law.

Lincoln's Inn, London 37/47 4 145 £75,000 (can advance £30,000 for BPC)

XXIV Old Buildings

This heavyweight chancery set offers incomers a tailored pupillage where “the major emphasis is on training and learning.”

Lincoln's Inn, London 10/38 3 239 £67,500 (can advance £16,250 for BPC)