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Pupillage application deadlines 2018

The 2018 Pupillage Gateway has now closed for applications for pupillage starting in 2019. For reference here is the timetable for the 2018 Gateway:

  Pupillage Gateway timetable 2017/18
      28 November 2017       Adverts start to go live
  8 January 2018, 11am   Gateway opens for applications
  7 February 2018, 11am   Gateway closes - application deadline     
  3 May 2018, 9am   Offers made by sets

Most sets recruit pupils a year in advance – ie they are recruiting in 2018 for 2019, 2019 for 2020 etc. Around half of pupillages can be applied for via the Pupillage Gateway, a dedicated portal for barristers applying to sets of chambers. Other sets recruit outside the Pupillage Gateway; of these some follow the Gateway timetable, some recruit earlier and some later.

You can find out more about individual barristers' chambers by reading our Chambers Reports, or by clicking on the links below. 


  Non-Gateway sets                     Gateway sets

Atkin Chambers
Crown Office Chambers
Erskine Chambers
Falcon Chambers
Francis Taylor Building
Government Legal Service
1 Hare Court

4 New Square
Maitland Chambers
Matrix Chambers
XXIV Old Buildings
4 Pump Court
Pump Court Tax Chambers
Radcliffe Chambers
St John's Chambers
Serle Court
South Square
Tanfield Chambers
Wilberforce Chambers

  2 Bedford Row
Blackstone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
39 Essex Chambers
Essex Court Chambers
One Essex Court
5 Essex Court
20 Essex Street
Fountain Court Chambers
Hailsham Chambers
Henderson Chambers
Keating Chambers
7 King's Bench Walk
Landmark Chambers
Littleton Chambers
Monckton Chambers
Outer Temple Chambers
Six Pump Court
Quadrant Chambers
Queen Elizabeth Building
4 Stone Buildings
2 Temple Gardens
3 Verulam Buildings