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Pupillage application deadlines 2018


Most sets recruit pupils a year in advance – ie they are recruiting in 2018 for 2019, 2019 for 2020 etc. The application deadlines below are for pupillages starting in 2019 for sets featured in our Chambers Reports.

Around half of pupillages can be applied for via the Pupillage Gateway, a dedicated portal for barristers applying to sets of chambers. You can now browse pupillage vacancies on the Gateway website (though not all vacancies will be listed till January). Applications can be made from 11am at 8 January 2018, with the deadline for applications at 11am on Wednesday 7 February 2018. Interviews then take place from February to April with offers made on 3 May. (Be aware than in 2017 the Gateway dates were shifted by a day, so keep your eyes peeled for changes.)

Other sets recruit outside the Pupillage Gateway; of these some follow the Gateway timetable, some recruit earlier and some later. We've listed all the deadlines below.


January 2018


  Erskine Chambers


  Pump Court Tax Chambers


  Francis Taylor Building


February 2018


  Tanfield Chambers


  St John's Chambers


  Via Gateway:

  2 Bedford Row
  Blackstone Chambers
  Brick Court Chambers
  39 Essex Chambers
  Essex Court Chambers
  One Essex Court
  5 Essex Court
  20 Essex Street
  Fountain Court Chambers
  Hailsham Chambers
  Henderson Chambers
  Keating Chambers
  7 King's Bench Walk
  Landmark Chambers
  Littleton Chambers
  Monckton Chambers
  Outer Temple Chambers
  Six Pump Court
  Quadrant Chambers
  Queen Elizabeth Building
  4 Stone Buildings
  2 Temple Gardens
  3 Verulam Buildings 


  Crown Office Chambers
  Matrix Chambers