Pursuing a legal career in different regions

Our trainee sources are based throughout England and Wales. Find out what those outside of London have to say and get up to speed with the UK's various markets.


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Choosing a law firm



Choosing a firm by location 

Here's a quick overview of various markets across the UK. Find out who the top players are in each, which LPC providers are close and narrow your approach by taking note of our suggested True Picture features.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Regional law firms



Regional firms 

What type of work will I do? How much can I expect to earn? Are the hours better than they are in London? Discover the answers to these important questions and more by reading our introduction to regional firms.

Leeds Town Hall



National firms 

Looking for a national firm in one of the cities outside of London? Click here for a full rundown of the different types, where you'll find them and the perks of training at one.   

South East

Thames Valley





To be a lawyer in the Thames Valley

Set aside any preconceptions you had about careers outside London; the Thames Valley is a dynamic, growth economy in need of lawyers.



Guildford Shopping Precinct



A beginner's guide to Guildford

“It's a lively place that's good fun at the weekend and has everything you need," a trainee based in the Surrey county town of Guildford told us.


Tunbridge Wells


A glance at Tunbridge Wells

In popular culture, Royal Tunbridge Wells has typically been lampooned as the quintessential middle English town.