Law school

Your road to becoming a lawyer starts here.


How to succeed on the LPC


How to succeed on the LPC

Doing the LPC or thinking of starting it soon? An LPC student shares their anonymous tips and advice on how to survive and thrive on the course.








The Solicitors Qualifying Examination

From 2021 there's going to be an entirely new way of qualifying as a solicitor replacing the GDL, LPC and training contract. If you're thinking 'SQE OMG!' – don't fear: here's a quick guide.


Choosing a legal career



Qualifying from overseas

How to become a lawyer in the UK: a guide for overseas students and graduates.




Becoming a lawyer in Scotland

A rundown of what it takes to qualify as a lawyer north of the border, and a quick look at Scotland's fast-changing legal market.






Law firms' preferred universities 2019  

Over nine years we've tracked the universities feeding the legal profession. Our findings include: 76.5% of trainees at the leading 130+ firms are Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates.