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Our latest tips for how to get your dream job.


 Calling all non-law students


Non-law students: yes, you can become a lawyer too

An aspiring lawyer shares his experiences and others’ of pursuing a legal career from a non-law background.


Choosing a legal career


How to choose a legal career

An aspiring trainee shares their views on why they chose to pursue a career as a solicitor and what the pros and cons are of attempting to enter the profession.




What is mooting?

A guide to mooting at university, law school and beyond.


Legal apprenticeships


Legal apprenticeships

If you fancy learning on the job and getting paid to do it, a law apprenticeship might be your ideal route into law – and you won't even need to impress Lord Sugar.


Legal problem questions


Legal problem questions

If you've got any pupillage interviews coming up this spring you are likely to face a topical legal-ethical problem question.