Trends in the law

What are lawyers thinking about?


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Trends affecting the legal profession

In a competitive recruitment market where the standards keep getting higher, it pays to know your stuff. Here’s an introduction to some of the main issues on the minds of today’s lawyers.


NQ salaries 5 years


Law firm salary hikes 2019

US firms present a power struggle in the London market - but this is very old news, says our research. What is new is the surprising hold millennials have in this economy. 


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Globalisation and the law

Through the lens of multinational firm Norton Rose Fulbright we learn how to cut it as a lawyer in the globalised economy.


Innovation & technology


Technology, innovation and law firms

Lots of law firms talk about being 'innovative', but what does this actually mean? We invited Taylor Vinters to show us examples of law firm innovation, both in its business setup and in its tech.


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Trends in the technology sector

It's all go in the tech sector; no surprise that lawyers are jumping on the bandwagon, but in doing so they're scrambling to keep up with the pace of new technology.


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How law firms are responding to Brexit

To be a commercially aware candidate in 2018 means understanding how the legal profession is positioning itself for Brexit.