The Big Interview




The Secret Barrister

We talk to the world's most famous anonymous lawyer about injustices, misconceptions, a legal aid system on the brink of collapse, and of course their identity.


Baroness Hale interview


Baroness Hale

All Hale the Queen of Law! Chambers Student sits down with the first female president of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale of Richmond.


Leslie Thomas 


Leslie Thomas QC

Leslie Thomas QC is representing the families of Grenfell victims and working to protect land rights in Barbuda where "the fate of a whole island is at stake.” In our interview with him, he reminds us that a lawyer's duty is to justice above all else.




Dame Linda Dobbs

Dame Linda Dobbs was the first black High Court judge and has worked on countless complicated and high-profile matters. We sat down with her to discuss her remarkable career over a cup of tea.