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How is the world of the law changing?





Salary wars - are lawyers being paid too much?

With firms paying their young talent more than ever, the answer from junior associates is probably a resounding ‘no’. Let’s dive into some numbers.

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Trainee retention 2021 – which firms are most likely to offer their trainees an NQ role?

In our latest retention surveywe weigh up trainee retention rates across the legal market.






Law firms' preferred universities 2019 

Over nine years we've tracked the universities feeding the legal profession. Our findings include: 76.5% of trainees at the leading 130+ firms are Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates.

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Law firm salary hikes 2021

US firms present a power struggle in the London market - but this is very old news, says our research. What is new is the surprising hold millennials have in this economy. 

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Trends affecting the legal profession

In a competitive recruitment market where the standards keep getting higher, it pays to know your stuff. Here’s an introduction to some of the main issues on the minds of today’s lawyers.