Download the e-Edition of Chambers Student 2021

For 2020 we're also launching Chambers Student as an e-Edition.

Yes, it's clear there's way more content on this website than in our book, but some students just can't get enough of the book we dish out in the thousands at career fairs. We get it – having the physical guide feels like your career is all there and dealt with in a nice compact book, and why would we ever deny our readers that peace of mind? So since 2020 has put a stop to, well, everything, we're sharing the guide this year in e-Edition. It's a nice excuse to give the trees a break too. 

So here it is. Download the chapters you need.

– Chambers Student team

1.   Becoming a lawyer

2.   Preparation and application

3.   Law school

4.   Practice areas

5.   Commercial awareness

6.   Refine your search: law firm data

7.   The True Picture. Reviews of the training contracts at the UK's leading firms.

8.   A career at the Bar

9.   The Chambers Reports. Reviews of the pupillages at the leading UK chambers.