The Chambers Student Christmas Quiz


Fed up of application stress? Sit back with a cuppa, stick on the Christmas music, and have a crack(er) at our Chambers Student Christmas quiz

1 Christmas Music

1) In 1973, both Slade and Wizzard released Christmas songs that are still extremely popular. But only one of them could be Christmas Number One that year, who managed to make it to the top?

2) According to the lyrics of 'Holly Jolly Christmas', what kind of cup should you have?

3) What was the name of Sia's 2017 Christmas album?

4) Which artist released 'Santa Tell Me' in 2014?

5) What was the first Christmas song played in space?

2 Christmas film fun times

1) Edmund Gwenn is the only actor to win an Academy Award for playing Santa Claus in which 1947 film?

2) In the cinematic masterpiece The Muppet Christmas Carol, which British thespian played the role of Scrooge?

3) What film centres around a young boy travelling to the North Pole on a magical locomotive?

4) In A Christmas Horror Story, Santa does battle with which demonic creature from Christmas folklore?

5) Gremlins and Die Hard are considered unconventional Christmas classics, but which was released first?

3 Festive favourites

1) Which country is credited with starting the tradition of the modern Christmas tree?

2) As per Christmas quiz tradition, here is the obligatory historical monarch question. Which monarch was crowned on Christmas day?

3) Which brand is associated with changing Santa’s outfit from green to the now classic red in the 1930s?

4) Everyone loves a mince pie ... right? True or false, eating a mince pie on Christmas Day was once illegal?

5) Since 1947 which country traditionally gifts the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree in London?

4 The year gone by 

1) Which major UK newspaper lost out to Prince Harry in a phone-hacking scandal that was one of the most high-profile lawsuits of 2023?

2) Which Ottoman Greek artefact named controversially after a Scottish Earl sparked a diplomatic row between two European Prime Ministers in November 2023?

3) The UK Foreign Office advised citizens not to travel to which European country in July due to the prevalence of rioting?

4) Which Premier League footballer received an apology from a Ghanaian MP after he’d criticised his performances in parliament?

5) After it was announced that Donald Trump can be sued for inciting the Capitol riots back in 2021, which prominent US lawyer has in recent cases represented the former US President? 

5 Christmas around the world

1) In which country do they celebrate the holiday season by eating food from popular chain-restaurant KFC on Christmas Eve?

a. South Korea b. Japan c. China

2) In Caracas, Venezuela, Christmas custom means that people get to their morning Christmas mass not by driving or walking, but by…

a. Skateboarding b. Cycling c. Rollerskating

3) We all know (and love!) mulled wine, a traditional Christmas drink, but who were the originators of this Christmas classic?

a. Ancient Greeks and Romans to avoid wasting excess wine b. The Victorians to stay warm during cold winters c. Germans during the Black Death because it was safer to drink than water

4) In Spain, the Roscón de Reyes – or the Three Kings Cake – is a brioche-based fruit cake served for breakfast on January 6th, Three Kings Day. Sounds innocuous enough, but it’s up to those eating the Three Kings Cake to find the surprise inside – whatever could that be?

a. A dried bean to signify being the ‘king’ of the celebration b. A figurine of baby Jesus for good luck in the upcoming year c. Both!

5) Which country hosts an annual Yacht race, as well as Boxing Day barbeques, to commemorate the holiday season?

a. South Africa b. Australia c. Brazil


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