Podcast: What can law firms do to support the environment?

Rachel Welch-Phillips is a member of Bird & Bird's environment committee and has two degrees in environmental policy. We caught up with Rachel to discuss what the committee does and how her environmental expertise applies to her work as an associate.

Topics discussed:

  • What environment committees at law firms do and can do to shape firm policy and approach to the environment
  • Trends in how law firms are responding to broader environmental concerns within their own businesses and operations
  • The ways in which lawyers can use their expertise to further environmental causes in their day-to-day work

*Everything shared in this podcast is Rachel's own personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the opinion of Bird & Bird.

Relevant links

  • https://www.twobirds.com/en/our-lawyers/r/rachel-welch-phillips
  • https://www.chambersstudent.co.uk/legal-practice-areas/environment


Presented and edited by Paul Rance.