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Every year, we collect diversity statistics from the UK's leading law firms, to provide you with all the information you'll need on where different firms sit within the market.

While diversity in the legal profession is getting bumped further and further up the priority list for law firms, there is still plenty to distinguish them when it comes to diversity. From the partnership right down to trainee cohorts, you won't find the same mix of backgrounds at every firm.

Here on our dedicated diversity page, you'll find everything you need to know about diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, from inspiring stories from diverse lawyers, to our latest data.


The latest from Chambers Student

International Women's Day Podcast Special: Life at the Bar, with Abimbola Johnson

In a Chambers Student podcast special for International Women’s Day, barrister Abimbola Johnson shares her experiences of life at the Bar with Chambers Student’s Chelsey Stanborough.

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Race & Social Mobility in 2023

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Social Mobility: the view from Bristows

Affinity Group Spotlight: Sidley Austin’s Ethnic Minority Networking Group

Harnessing your Difference with Dentons

Social mobility: it’s a term that is often bandied around the D&I sections of firm prospectuses, but what can actually be done to remedy social restrictions to a career in law? Here's the view from Bristows.



Get to know the latest addition to Sidley Austin's web of affinity groups. How can you make your application stand out from the crowd? What's your USP, and how do you sell that in an interview? Trainees and the Early Careers team at Dentons discuss how students can differentiate themselves from the competition.


Spotlight on Ropes & Gray's new social mobility programme

For many, the thought is that unless you speak like a broadcaster from 1950s, a career in law is inaccessible. Seen predominantly as the purview of the rich and connected, a career in law, particularly at the top City firms, has looked like an unattainable pipedream to those who haven’t trod Oxbridge’s hallowed halls. It is this perception that Ropes & Gray’s BRidge To The City looks to change, and this obstacle it looks to traverse with its new social mobility programme, BRidge to the City. We spoke to Ropes & Gray to find out more.

Diversity & Inclusion: Current issues shaping the profession

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The Memo: Divided over OneLove

The Memo: New women's safety bill to criminalise catcalling

The Memo: Does Benedict Cumberbatch owe reparations to the descendants of slaves in Barbados?

When the 2022 World Cup began, the captains of seven European nations were set to don a OneLove armband to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. All seven however were forced to quickly backtrack when it became apparent that FIFA would penalize players for doing so. A recent survey conducted by YouGov found that two thirds of women do not feel safe walking home in London. Concerns over women’s safety is, sadly, nothing new, but whether it’s the tragic recent case of aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena, or the murder of Sarah Everard in 2021, public awareness of women’s safety in public spaces is at an all-time high. It’s a question that has made the rounds on TikTok, news articles and Twitter threads, and it will likely have significant implications moving forwards. So, what exactly do the descendants of slave owners owe to the descendants of slaves?


From the archive:

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The Big Interview: Dame Linda Dobbs

The Big Interview: Baroness Hale

An Introduction to Rare Recruitment

In 2019, we spoke to Dame Linda Dobbs, the first black High Court judge, to discuss a remarkable career of high profile cases. All Hale the Queen of Law! In 2018, we sat down with the first female president of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale of Richmond. Read up on the organisation behind the Vantage platform and various other initiatives that aim to boost social mobility in the profession.