University of Sunderland - True Picture

The facts

Location: Sunderland

Number of LPC places: 50 FT, 50 PT (2020/2021)

LPC fees (2021/2022): £9,750

Chambers says...

Dedicated to the North East? Sunderland offers a good deal, with one of the the cheapest LPCs available anywhere in the country. Aside from its regional focus, the other USP of this course is its focus on client skills. Along with a dedicated law library and the ability to tailor the course down a commercial or high-street route, students spend half of either Thursday or Friday each week in the law clinic working on cases. Many of the tutors are practising solicitors. Exams are open book and use computers to simulate situations encountered in real-life practice.

Plenty of careers advice is available: in the introductory week there's a mock assessment centre judged by lawyers working in the region, as well as various networking opportunities and tutors who assume the role of personal mentors. In addition a 'Student Mobility Project' gives Sunderlanders the chance to spend a week at the university's London centre (in Canary Wharf), visiting parliament, the courts and a City firm.

Seminars and lectures are packed into Monday and Tuesday, leaving the rest of the week free for work or other commitments, though there is no part-time option. However, for those seeking a legal career in the region Sunderland is well worth a look.

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