The College of Legal Practice

Describing themselves as 'changing the status quo of legal education', the College of Legal Practice is another option for students looking outside the traditional routes to qualification as a lawyer.


SQE1 Prep

13 weeks full-time, 20 weeks part-time

As with other providers, the College of Legal Practice will be running the bulk of its SQE training online. The provider is advertising a more supervised approach than some, with a supervisor and regular one-to-ones included as part of the package.

Applications are open now to begin as part of the first 'class' with an August 2021 start date, timed to run up to the first sitting of SQE1 in November. 

Fees: £1,800

SQE2 Prep

10 weeks full-time, 20 weeks part-time

With refresher content from SQE1 built in and and continued supervision from a practitioner, this prep course looks to be similarly well-structured. The College has been very transparent on detail, confirming for example that part-timers will do an average of 15 hours study time each week, with full-timers averaging twice that.

Fees: £2,300


The provider's website: