The Memo: Prince Harry vs Murdoch Press

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What’s in a deadline?: Prince Harry vs Murdoch Press

Charity Agasaro – 15 May 2023

Beyond the new details emerging in Prince Harry’s court case against Murdoch’s news groups, the legal argument could revolve around one thing: a deadline. Did Harry begin his legal action in a timely manner? Murdoch’s team argues that Harry’s claim was late. As a result, they argue, the case should be dismissed without going to trial. When it comes to filing, the court offers claimants six years to bring a case from the point at which they found out about the wrongdoing. In Harry’s situation, his barrister asserts that issues such as phone hacking are not straightforward, since it is difficult to know the exact time it began. Harry contends that he filed a claim as soon as he found out about the phone hacking, and he explains that he did not know the full extent of the hack because he was in Afghanistan with no access to the Guardian.

Prince Harry’s team also argues that there has been an ongoing deal between the royal family and executives at Murdoch’s company, as a part of which the royal family will not sue tabloids such as the Sun in exchange for settlements or apologies. However, with no written copy of the agreement and Murdoch’s news groups denying its existence, it is going to be difficult to prove. In July, the court will rule whether the case can go to trial, which, if successful, will be in 2024.