The Memo: Met Police investigating embroiled star Jonathan Majors

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Met Police investigating embroiled star Jonathan Majors

Tyler Rigby – 13 November 2023

In the latest wrinkle of his legal woes, the Metropolitan Police department has confirmed that they are investigating reports of ‘physical assaults’ in connection with the Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence case currently playing out stateside.

If you’re not familiar, the Emmy nominated actor was arrested following an incident on March 25th in which Majors is accused of assaulting his then girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Since then, it has been a story full of twists and turns. Majors was subsequently dropped by his publicist and manager, before text messages were revealed from Jabbari claiming that it was all blown out of proportion. Some interpreted the messages as being reminiscent of an abused party trying to cover for their abuser, as more alleged victims were reported as coming forward. Yet it then became clear that Majors had also filed a NYPD domestic violence complaint against Jabbari, claiming that he is in fact the victim out of the pair. But the DA’s office investigated his complaint and found there to be no prosecutable evidence.

Barring a Rolling Stone expose here or there, that’s the big swings of the developing case so far. Despite the strong US link, the UK is a significant element in the case. Aside from the Met’s involvement, Jabbari herself is a British citizen, and the report that was generated in September 2022 also contains apparent medical records for Jabbari. What’s more, Majors would have been in London at the time, filming the second season of Marvel’s Loki.

This time last year, Majors was considered to be Hollywood’s next big thing, with awards buzz for his leading turn in Magazine Dreams (a film currently shelved with no release date since his legal troubles began) and his prominent recurring role as Marvel’s next big bad - Kang - which Disney are now reportedly considering recasting or scrapping. Majors’ day in court is November 29th and as the Met don’t comment on investigations unless someone has been charged, it is unclear as to how much Majors time in London will factor into the prosecution’s case. We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.