Bristol Law School at UWE - True Picture

The facts

Location: Coldharbour Lane, Bristol

Number of Bar Course places: 96 FT, 48 PT

SQE fees (2021/22):

SQE1: £3,500

SQE2: £4,000

Bar Course fees: £15,500

Graduates say...

...on the teaching:

I enjoyed the fact that the teaching was more similar to traditional university courses than other law schools.”

The tutors were highly experienced, and were happy to explain anything you may have missed.”

...on the facilities:

The library resources were excellent.”

...on getting a job:

The tutors didn't just give us practical examples; they also helped us network.”

Chambers says...

Sun, sea and cider: Bristol's a great city, although we should note that UWE is a little out of town. It has a large alumni network in the region, and offers a pleasingly broad spread of electives. The Bar course benefits from its links to the Western Circuit, but compared to London that's a small market with a handful of pupillages each year. The Bar course offers one-to-one advocacy training and there are also mock trial and pro bono opportunities to help students sharpen their verbal rapiers.


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