Bournemouth University - True Picture

The facts

Location: Bournemouth (outside city centre)

Number of LPC places: 60 FT

LPC fees (2017/18):£11,500FT

Graduates say...

I thought it was effective. I liked the fact that it was closer to home. It was cheaper as well. The seminar groups were quite small and specific on areas. The tutors were helpful –it was easy to participate as they were approachable.”

“I feel that we got a lot more face-time than we would have done at some of the more mainstream providers.”

Chambers says...

Bournemouth's law school is not just close to the beach, it also has good links to leading regional firms like Lester Aldridge. This makes it a good and reasonably cheap jumping-off point for a legal career in the South, but there's no reason for graduates not to chase opportunities further afield. There's an emphasis on face-to-face rather than remote learning here, and its lecture theatre is among the most colourful the Chambers Student has seen. The law school's physical separation from the main campus may put some people off, but do you really want to study the LPC amid all those noisy undergrads?


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