Anglia Ruskin University - True Picture

The facts

Location: Cambridge

Number of LPC places: 60 FT, 60 PT

LPC fees (2020/21): £10,200 FT

Graduates say...

...on the teaching:

"Because the intake of students is smaller we were able to get a lot of support and advice from our tutors, which I've heard isn't always the case at larger providers."

Chambers says...

Anglia Ruskin is a good option for students with outside commitments: teaching is delivered two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday), leaving the rest of the week free for family or work. But the course doesn't skimp on face time – classes last from 10am to 6pm on the two teaching days. The facilities are new and air-conditioned (which is just as well as the region has the hottest climate in the UK) and are situated in Cambridge city centre. Most of the school's links are with firms based in and around Cambridge, and graduates tend not to venture far from East Anglia, so it might not be for those with their hearts set on either the City or other big commercial centres around the country.

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