Law firm FAQs

What does the True Picture cover?

Our aim is to provide information to law students about what makes each law firm distinctive and different. The question we seek to answer in every feature is: 'Why would graduates want to train here?' Interviews with trainees and our data survey are used to review the training contract structure, work for trainees, career development, firm culture, social life, diversity and inclusion and more.

Can the firm view the True Picture before publication?

To preserve our editorial independence, we do not permit firms to review the True Picture before public release in October. We offer a fact check process before publication to ensure editorial accuracy.

Where does your information about clients, cases and deals come from?

The vast majority of work highlights and client names included in Chambers Student editorial is taken from the submissions provided to the various Chambers and Partners rankings guides. We ensure to only use publishable details, and to include examples which are representative of the firm’s practice.

Because the case and client submissions have come from the firm itself, we will not provide a list of these in advance unless in exceptional circumstances.

In some instances we may also use client, case and deal information taken directly from the firm’s website or which is already in the public domain on other sites.

How many trainees are interviewed at each firm?

Our researchers select a random sample of first- and second-year trainees to interview at each firm, the number varying by headcount. At smaller firms we may speak to 3-5 trainees; at larger ones it may be 10-15.

How do you ensure interviews are done anonymously?

The firm will provide a full list of trainees as potential interviewees, and our researcher will randomly select who to interview (though we aim to speak to both first and second years, and trainees in different offices if applicable.

We take care in our editorial to ensure that no quotes are included which could identify an individual trainee. The True Picture is always based on consensus opinions.

How many trainees complete the data survey?

We will distribute the survey to all trainees on the list, but participation is entirely voluntary on their part. The firm may distribute the survey themselves if they’d prefer to.

Can the firm view senior source questions in advance?

We can send a list of general topics for discussion in advance, but to ensure some interview spontaneity we will not send the exact question wording.

Will the firm be able to see the senior source interview before publication?

Yes, anything quoted from a senior source interview will be sent to the firm in advance of publication for fact-checking.

That said, senior source interviews are conducted ‘on the record’ and we may not accept substantial changes to the transcript aside from to correct factual accuracy.

What does the firm need to submit during the ‘callback’ fact-check process?

  •        A completed callback data form – information includes locations and headcount, training contract numbers, salaries etc.
  •        Revisions to the ‘Get Hired’ review of the firm’s application process
  •        Any factual amendments to senior sources quotes

Does the data form need to be filled out in full?

We request firms complete the form as extensively as possible, to provide the best possible information for our readers. Data submission is voluntary, and please only provide publishable information.

Will the data form information be published?

Any information submitted may be used as part of the firm’s profile or for market-wide analysis conducted by Chambers Student.

What extra promotion can Chambers Student offer?

We are happy to schedule one-off social media promotion of a deadline reminder, event or something else that might be beneficial to our readers. To organise a more coordinated social media campaign or additional content, please contact our sales team.