Nottingham Trent University - True Picture

The facts

Location: Nottingham (city centre)

Number of LPC places: variable

Number of Bar Course (BTC) places: 120 FT (2020/2021)

LPC fees (2021/22): £11,950

BTC fees (2021/22): £14,800

SQE: SQE1 and SQE2 Prep; one year; £11,000

Graduates say...

...on the teaching:

I thoroughly recommend Nottingham Law School. One of the reasons I chose it was that it is quite hands-on teaching, whereas BPP and the University of Law involve distance learning. As a person I tend to work better when someone is teaching. Also there's a lot of focus on developing practical skills and being able to get out there in the workplace.”

The intake is smaller than at a lot of London schools, and you get more face time with tutors and lecturers.”

“The organisation was somewhat lacking but the content was good.”

“Nottingham law school was quite good. The tutors had all practised in City law firms, so in terms of teaching and guiding you on the practical elements they were experienced and could direct you in the right way.”

“It was a very good practical course. What sets it apart from other law schools is the opportunity to conduct mock advocacy. I feel that the course prepared me for life as a lawyer.”

“They had two streams which allowed you to choose between a commercial or a more high street-oriented LPC; you could therefore tailor your course towards the sort of career you wanted.”

...on the facilities:

I was very happy. It was a brand-new building and the facilities were great. My only criticism is that as a part-time student I found it a bit top-heavy. My first year was hectic, but then the second year was only the electives so it was a lot more manageable."

I can't praise the school highly enough. Everything is provided – all the lecture notes are really up to date and easy to use. All of our lectures are put online. I was commuting in from relatively far away, and having the option to watch lectures online and download notes saved me a fair bit of cash on petrol! The careers office and pro bono opportunities are also worth a mention.”

There's a fantastic careers service which is focused on getting you a training contract.”

Chambers says...

There's more to Nottingham than simply giving every student a tablet to study with; the school mixes online and face-to-face learning in what it calls a “blended” approach. Technology aside, Nottingham is right in the middle of the country, and has contacts not only in the local but also the national profession, making it a good jumping-off point for a career.

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