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Mrs Justice McGowan


The Big Interview: Mrs Justice Maura McGowan

High court judge Mrs Justice Maura McGowan talks to us about the struggle for equality at the Bar.

Legal industry trends


Commercial awareness resources – legal blogs

You've heard about this thing called commercial awareness, right? You need it. A key way of learning about the latest developments in law and business is reading legal blogs.

Old Bailey


A court visit: observing a criminal trial at the Old Bailey

Watching a court case with your own eyes is a must for aspiring barristers – and we'd recommend it for future solicitors too.

Working at an American law firm


Working at an American firm in London: the view from Covington (sponsored)

Americans and Brits go their own way on so many topics. But on the London legal scene, are US firms really so different to the Brits?

Anthony Julius



The Big Interview: Anthony Julius

We spoke to Mishcon de Reya's deputy chairman Anthony Julius about negotiating a royal divorce, defeating a Holocaust denier and why being a 'Jack of all trades' is no bad thing.



Barristers' wigs

Wiggypedia: 13 things you never knew about barristers' wigs.

Law firm diversity 2016


Law firm diversity 2016

Every year we ask law firms for their figures for gender and ethnicity. Here we analyse the trends.

Researching law firms


Researching law firms for applications

A 12-point guide to law firm marketing: the hidden messages every aspiring solicitor needs to understand.

What seats do firms offer 2017 - cropped


What seats do firms offer?

Find out what's practice areas you can gain experience in at different firms.

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