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Trainee retention graph


Trainee retention 2015

Retention rates are high. But the number of trainees retained is still as low as in the recession year of 2009.

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Law firm open days

Find out which firms offer open days and who they are aimed at.


Student Guides 2016


The 2016 edition of the Chambers Student Guide is out

It's red-hot. It's straight off the press. It's the new guide. Ask your careers service for a copy.



Trainee horror stories

Real-life stories from trainees showing the worst examples of the trainee experience. These are the outliers among a huge number of positive experiences.

London skyline 2


The law of the London skyline

Property law is a big area of work for many firms and (in London especially) it's booming. We give you a commercial awareness boost on the topic.

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Using your languages in the law, with White & Case (sponsored)

Speaking loud and slow might be all the rage among oiled-up holidaymakers but if you want to get ahead in the legal world then knowing the local lingo could make all the difference.


New York skyline


Firm spotlight: White & Case's international seats (sponsored)

Dig out your passport and grab that suitcase because White & Case trainees are guaranteed a seat abroad.



Vacation scheme deadlines

A list of deadlines for vacations schemes in winter 2015/16, and spring and summer 2016.