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EU flag in cloud


Brexit, business and the law

'Brexit means Brexit' says Theresa May. But what exactly does Brexit mean? We take a look at what impact the UK's departure from the European Union will have on lawyers in the coming years.

Helen Davies

The Big Interview: Helen Davies QC

We sit down with top commercial silk Helen Davis QC of Brick Court Chambers to talk about her career, sexism in the profession and when and whether you should specialise.

Offshore finance


Offshore finance

Offshore finance is the topic of the moment. Interviewers may test you with it, but hold onto your (Panama) hats, because we've done some homework for you.

Legal industry trends


Legal industry trends

Boost your industry and practice know-how with these commercial awareness features.


The Four Inns


The Inns of Court reviewed

The Inns of Court offer buckets of scholarship dosh and ample networking opportunities. Getting stuck in at an Inn is a must if you're serious about a career at the Bar.

Different types of lawyer


Seven types of lawyer

Think there's just one type of lawyer out there? Then think again. A law career can suit all kinds of different personalities.

Preparing for applications and interviews


Preparing for applications and interviews

We pick up the story of an aspiring trainee solicitor who gives their advice on how to deal with application forms, video interviews and assessment days.

Lady Justice

Human Rights Act reform

Plans are afoot to repeal or rewrite the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. What will the reforms entail and what impact will this have on human rights lawyers? We did some digging, spoke to leading human rights lawyers and found out.