Chambers Student Guide survey 2016

Chambers Student survey 2016

Law student or aspiring lawyer? Take part in the Chambers Student Guide survey 2016 on what matters to you about careers in law.




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9 networking tips

Whether you like it or not, law demands that you network, network, network. Here are some tips on how to succeed.

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Being a trainee: realities of the job

At the Chambers Student Guide we're not in the habit of sugar-coating anything. Here are some blunt truths about being a trainee solicitor.

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The effect of 'Brexit' on lawyers

You knew it was going to come up in the interview: that dreaded commercial awareness question. “How would Brexit affect the legal and business world?” But hey, no sweat. You got this. You've read this article.

How much do trainees earn?


What do trainee lawyers earn?

Lawyers are rolling in it. At least that's their reputation. But is it deserved? We take a look at trainee pay at different law firms and in different regions.

Social mobility at the Bar


Social mobility at the Bar

Do posh people do better at the Bar? We look at the current state of the profession and speak to some leading voices on social mobility.

Women at the Bar


Women at the Bar

Unless you've been living under a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft, you'll have noticed that the subject of women at the Bar has been everyone's business lately.

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Trainee retention 2015


Retention rates are high. But the number of trainees retained is still as low as in the recession year of 2009.

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Law firm open days


Find out which firms offer open days and who they are aimed at.