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Features about the Bar


How much do barristers earn? - One of the most common questions we hear - and one of the most difficult to answer.

Lord Bingham remembered - The legal world lost one of its greatest minds on 11 September 2010, when Baron Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Bingham, died of cancer. We recall some of his most famous judgments.

An interview with Lord Justice Hooper - Court of Appeals judge Lord Justice Anthony Hooper retired in July 2012. The Student Guide's Sam Morris talked to him about the legal profession and his career.

The Big Interview: Dinah Rose QC - The Student Guide's Paul Rance talks to one of the country's top human rights barristers.

How to gain pupillage - Inside advice from an aspiring barrister.

Pupillage application tips - Advice for aspiring barristers from insiders in the profession. We report from Kaplan Law School's 'Pupillage Application Question Time'.

Applying for pupillages - Get Bar ready with some helpful hints and tips from someone going through the pupillage application process.

Pupillage interviews: are they hell on earth? - An insider reflects on their experience of undergoing pupillage interviews over the summer.

TOP READ: Judge Rinder - star of daytime TV show Judge Rinder talks to us about pupillage, corruption, legal aid cuts, and feeling like Miss World.

Eight dos and don'ts for pupillage interviews - Tips and advice from a successful applicant on tricky pupillage interviews .

Features about law firms


Trainee retention: 2014 survey - Trainee retention has reached its highest level since 2008

Gender in the law: 2014 survey - This latest survey on gender diversity indicates a long road ahead for equality in the law.

Ethnicity in the law: 2014 survey - We report on ethnic minority recruitment and promotion rates, what the trends tell us, and how some firms are responding.

Training at a high-street firm - High-street firms account for 30% of all training contracts offered each year, so we spoke to trainees and partners at three such practices in London.

Sullivan & Cromwell: the City's newest training contract - Sullivan & Cromwell will soon be welcoming its first ever trainees. In spring 2011, we popped along to the firm’s offices on New Fetter Lane to find out more.

Law firm diversity survey 2013 - Partner and associate diversity statistics and analysis for (nearly) all firms participating in the 2013 True Picture.

Law fair freebies - which firm does them best? It's the question on the lips of every aspiring lawyer: which law firm is giving away the best freebies at the fairs? We sort the tat from the trinkets and examine what they can tell you about a firm.

Davis Polk: a new training contract in the City - The London office of this New York big wig is taking on its first trainees in September 2014. We visited the office to get the inside scoop.

What is the silver circle? - You may have heard this term bandied about, but what exactly is the silver circle? What – if anything – sets this group of six law firms apart from others in the City?

Working for a national law firm - Explore the advantages of working for a multi-site national firm, and uncover which firms can truly claim to have 'national' coverage.

TOP READ: What is the magic circle? - Whether or not you want to work at this elite City quintet, you need to know what makes these firms different from the rest.


Features about law schools and courses


Qualifying from another jurisdiction - A how-to guide

Getting real about the LPC - Presumably when he wasn’t playing football or sitting in the dock, O. J. Simpson once said: “The day you take complete responsibility for yourself… that’s the day you start to the top.” If you’re considering doing the Legal Practice Course, that day has got to be today.

The accelerated LPC - Is it a good idea for a relatively difficult course to be squeezed into such a short space of time? And is it even possible?

The BPTC aptitude test - Elitist and exclusionary, or a vital step to prevent less-qualified applicants from getting themselves into huge debt?

TOP READ: Becoming a lawyer in Scotland - The skinny on the Scottish legal market and how you become a lawyer north of the border.


Features about getting a job


How to research a firm... properly - A feature on how to answer that killer question, “Why did you choose to apply here?”

TOP READ: The niceties and no-nos of networking -  The Student Guide's Alexis Gibbs attended a fantastic networking workshop at Nabarro. Here's what he learned.

What's your worst quality? - Some thoughts on how to answer a tricky interview question.

Should I do a master's degree? - It's a question we regularly get asked at law fairs. What's the answer?

What is a 'good' university if I want to get a training contract? - We quizzed over 2,000 trainees across the country about their university backgrounds. Find out if Oxbridge graduates really dominate the top firms.

True confessions of a training contract applicant - Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 - Blog by a GDL grad looking for a training contract. Tips and advice on applications, vac schemes etc.

How to get legal work experience - Advice on how to gain good (legal) work experience with examples of past activities undertaken by current trainees.

Dressing for job interviews - We speak to recruiters about what to wear and what not to wear at training contract, vac scheme and pupillage interviews

The risks and rewards of putting all your eggs in one basket - A blog post by a recently successful training contract applicant.

Eight musts for training contract applications - Find out what the absolute musts are for making applications to law firms.

How to choose a legal career - Do you really want to be a lawyer? This feature by an aspiring trainee solicitors should held you answer that question.


Features about the legal profession


The Royal Courts of Justice - We took the short walk from our Holborn office in Central London to the Royal Courts of Justice for a two-hour from resident expert Brian Grover.

Law firm mergers: a developing trend [2011] - The past few years have seen an spate of major law firm mergers. But why, and why now?

Animals rights law - Care more about badgers than bankers? We peer inside the menagerie of animal rights law to see how animals help humans help animals.

Ethics in the law - a criminal barrister defending the guilty is one thing, but what moral stance do commercial lawyers take when providing legal advice to less salubrious businesses? Three City trainees share their views on this sticky subject.

The Big Interview: Miriam Gonzalez - She's been compared to Michelle Obama and won praise for her astute use of the word ‘cojones’– international trade lawyer Miriam Gonzalez sits down with us to talk careers, diversity and European politics.

Sexism and the City - We explore why women are still not being promoted to the top in commercial firms.

Disability and the lawWe explore how accessible a legal career is to someone with a disability, based on conversations with disabled individuals in the legal profession.

TOP READ: Law firm mergers: why do they happen? - There have been over 70 significant law firm tie-ups in the last three years. Boost your commercial awareness by finding out what motivates firms to take this bold step into the unknown.

How to become a judge - Every lawyer's dream? Unachievable goal? It's neither - read our one-stop guide to gaining a judicial position.


Commercial awareness


Capital markets explained - A beginners' guide to this complex area of law.

The Bribery Act 2010 - A run-down of what it's all about.

How legal aid works

TOP READ: Legal aid cuts and reforms - With government cuts and other changes having a big impact, we give you the lowdown on what legal aid is and how changes are affecting the profession.

Alternative Business Structures - Introduced by the Legal Services Act 2007, the first ABSs came into existence in spring 2012. What are they and why do they matter?

Trainee opportunities overseas - We tell you which firms sends trainees where and have reports on the 15 most common destinations:

Find out about trainee life in... Amsterdam  Athens and Piraeus  Australia  Brussels  Germany  Hong Kong  Madrid  The Middle East  Milan  Moscow  New York  Paris  Shanghai and Beijing  Singapore  Tokyo


Dates & deadlines


Training contract deadlines

Pupillage deadlines