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Different types of lawyer


Seven types of lawyer

Think there's just one type of lawyer out there? Then think again. A law career can suit all kinds of different personalities.

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


How do you become a lawyer if you're an international student?

Recently, Student Guide editor Antony Cooke was interviewed by the website about how you become a lawyer if you're an overseas student.

Student Guides 2016


Results of the Chambers Student survey 2016

In our 2016 survey, our readers – you – told us what matters to them in their careers. We noticed that expectation and reality often don't match up.

Preparing for applications and interviews


Preparing for applications and interviews

We pick up the story of an aspiring trainee solicitor who gives their advice on how to deal with application forms, video interviews and assessment days.



International Women's Day

For International Women's Day 2016 we put together our own list of 13 inspirational women from across the legal profession.

Lady Justice


Human Rights Act reform

Plans are afoot to repeal or rewrite the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. What will the reforms entail and what impact will this have on human rights lawyers? We did some digging, spoke to leading human rights lawyers and found out.

Rainbow flag


LGBT rights and the law

What's it like to be 'out' in the legal profession? We attended the Law Society's annual celebration of LGBT history month to discover what issues remain for LGBT lawyers.

UCL reading room  

Law firms' preferred universities

What universities do law firms recruit most from? In the past three years we've asked 2,300 trainees at different firms which university they went to. Here are the results.