Swansea University - True Picture

The facts

Location: Swansea (outside city centre)

Number of LPC places: 100 FTE

LPC fees (2016/17): £10,600 FT, £5,300 PT

Chambers says...

If you do love to be beside the seaside (if you do love to be beside the sea) consider Swansea, but be warned: while the four-hour-long teaching sessions guarantee face time with tutors, they may leave little time for surfing. Tutors are as well connected as the careers service, and firm reps regularly come to campus to answer questions during Stage Two, but much of the school's knowledge is local, and Welsh trainee salaries are the lowest in the country. All in all, it's a good shout if you have the stamina for the long classes, but a little pricey by Welsh standards.

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