BPP Law School - True Picture

The facts

Location: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Holborn), Manchester

Number of LPC places: 3,307 FTE nationally

Number of BPTC places: 408 FT nationally, 144 PT nationally

LPC fees: See breakdown by city

BPTC fees: See breakdown by city

Graduates say...

... on the teaching:

“It's run like a law firm, rather than a 'show-up-when-you-want' university course.”

“The tutorials are quite small." 

"The school gives you all the resources you could need, and the teaching is great. All in all, no complaints!”

“I like the closed-book approach to exams. You're not carrying millions of notes into the exam hall.”

"The advocacy sessions were particularly good." 

Chambers says...

One of the big guns, BPP has campuses up and down the country and a range of options including the BPTC and firm-specific LPCs. The BPTC is offered in Holborn, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, and is identical across all four centres, although some electives are only available in the capital. It's the preferred LPC provider for nearly forty large firms, and has recently poached a few big names from arch-rival the University of Law. Read on for more specific information on each study centre.


LPC fees (2015/16): £11,620 FT, £5,810 PT

BPTC fees (2015/16):£14,690 FT, £7,345 PT  

The Brummie branch offers a lot of what London does, but for quite a bit less. Range of full and part-time courses? Check. Central location? Check. Proximity to big firms and businesses? Check. It's a good-sized provider with all the mod cons, and even offers discount at local parking venues for people who commute by car.


LPC fees (2015/16): £11,620 FT, £5,810 PT

Bristol impressed the Student Guide with its flexibility. It's one of BPP's smaller campuses, and when there isn't enough interest to run certain modules, the school will arrange for students to study them at other centres or over the weekend. It's got a good central location, and while it's not the most attractive of buildings, it has the beautiful Georgian houses of Queen's Park right on its doorstep.


LPC fees (2015/16): £11,620 FT, £5,810 PT

It may be home to one of the world's oldest universities, but Cambridge also hosts one of BPP's newest branches. It's got snazzy new facilities, the latest audio-visual equipment and even air-conditioned classrooms, all in the heart of this Olde Worlde city. This is a good-value course in one of Britain's most academic cities.


 LPC fees (2015/16): £10,880 FT, £5,440 PT

BPTC fees (2015/16): £14,690 FT, £7,345 PT

Leeds is a good spot if you want big-city nightlife without the big-city price tag. The centre has an active careers service for those still looking for a training contract, advising on everything from writing a CV to how to make the most out of law fairs. The IT suite is another standout facility, and the teachers are full of helpful titbits for practice.


LPC fees (2015/16):£10,880 FT, £5,440 PT

BPP Liverpool is right in the heart of things, with local firms, shopping and the city's iconic waterfront all nearby. It's one of the smaller centres, which may appeal to those who want a tighter-knit cohort than in London and don't mind slightly less space in the library. The fees are pretty reasonable, and we hear that there's free tea and coffee at the café.

London (Holborn)

LPC fees (2015/16): £14,800 FT, £7,400 PT

BPTC fees (2015/16): £17,980 FT, £8,990 PT

It's not as easy on the wallet as the other campuses, but this buys you modern facilities right in the heart of legal London. This is the home of the fast-track LPC and also offers the BPTC. The administrative wrinkles and the occasional timetabling reshuffle can be a tad frustrating, but the teaching, materials and multiple study spaces are all of a high quality.


LPC fees (2015/16): £10,800 FT, £5,440 PT

BPTC fees (2015/16): £14,690 FT, £7,345 PT

Manchester is BPP's largest offering, with a 108-seat lecture theatre, ten classrooms and a pro bono centre. It's located near a number of law firms and barristers' chambers, and academic heartland Oxford Road. If the studying gets too much, the bars and eateries of recently gentrified Spinningfields are nearby, as is the Arndale shopping centre, the Palace Theatre and the city's Opera House.

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